• Hands-on educational experience about California life and events from 1839 until the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869
  • Authentic 1850s Owensboro Covered Wagon
  • Why people came to California and how their arrival changed the lives of the people who already lived in the Sacramento Valley
  • Recognizing California’s resources and how we can help protect them
  • A memorable and entertaining program that young and old alike will enjoy
  • Access to a variety of resources and research material

Some questions History Adventure Camp will answer:

● Why did people risk the long dangerous journey to California?

Slow Going On The Trail
The Journey Was Dangerous
Safety In Numbers

● What did pioneers decide to bring with them in their wagons?

Everything For A 2,000 Mile Journey And A New Life

● What was life like along the California Trail?

A Trail Camp
Trail Cooking

● How would you survive that first year – before the harvest?

Trapping Animals For Food And Profit
Trading With Natives and Neighbors

● When and how do you start to plant your kitchen garden?

Students Learning How a Plow Works

● What types of chores were required?

Fetching Water